My Big Dream

Newfoundlands & Perro De Agua Español


24 mai 2014


International Dogshow Tilburg (NL)

Judge: Half- Van Boven (NL)


Valentisimo's Triana (Guapa)

1 Excellent CAC- CACIB










13 March 2014


Welcome little puppies

Lola & Español got 9 pups (3girls & 6 boy's)

Welkom kleine puppies

Lola en Español kregen 9 pups (3 teefjes & 6 Reutjes)


mai 2014


All our puppies did found loving homes!!!

Thank you for all those wonderful new family's to give them a happy joyful life!!


Al onze pups vonden een liefdevolle nieuwe thuis,

Dank jullie wel allemaal om onze pups een fantastisch gelukkig leven te geven!!


12 March 2014


Excellent news..... Guapa went to X-ray for official Hip results

We are soooo happy she got

A hips!

4 Januari 2014

International Dogshow Hoogstraten (B)


Valentisimo's Triana

1 Excellent- Best Junior - Best Of Breed


Judge. C. Guiliani (I)




14 december 2013

Amsterdam Winner


Valentisimo's Triana

1 Excellent- Best Junior - Best Of Breed

NL Winner 2013 - NL Junior Winner 2013

Judge. L. De Ridder- Onghena (B)



15-16 November 2013

Kortrijk dogshow



Valentisimo's Triana (age 9months)

1 Excellent - Best Junior - Best Of Breed

Judge. J. De Cuyper (B)

7e Best Junior in Show

Judge. R. Reyiers (B)



Valentisimo's Triana

1 Excellent - Best Junior - Best Breed

Judge: L. Moran (IE)

2e Best Of Group

Judge: T. Leenen (B)



21 september 2013

Brussels dogshow


Valentisimo's Triana

1 Very Promising- Beste Baby

Judge. Theo Leenen (B)

3 Best Baby in Show

Judge: (Fin)


25 March 2013

We welcome our new girl "Valentisimo's Triana" alias Guapa

A huge Thank you to Nigel, Jenny & Ben Egginton for this special little girl,

she is all we wish for and more!!

Hope she will fullfill our future dreams!


Guapa is a daughter of the famous Champion and Crufts Winner

Curioso De Ribera Del Genil Del Valentisimo & Valentisimo's Turubia.


O yes..... she is born without a tail.....



17 Februari 2013 Hoogstraten DOGSHOW Belgium

Lupo De La Galea


1 Excellent CAC- CACIB - BOB



Judge, Deschuymere (B)



9 December 2012 BRUSSEL DOGSHOW Belgium

My Big Dream Just a Dream "Lola"


1 Excellent CAC- CACIB - BOS

Belgium Winner '12, Crufts Qualificated


Judge, Jos De Cuyper (B)

December 2012

Our new Website is online....

We still have a lot to ad like pictures, results, info and many more.

But we prefere to spend our time with our doggies in stead of the computer.....


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25 mei 2014


Clubshow PDAECB

Judge: Walter Van Den Broeck (B)


Valentisimo's Triana (Guapa)

1 Excellent - CAC/ Intermediate



My Big Dream Just a Dream (Lola)

1 Excellent/ Open


My Big Dream Nikojits (Azul)

1 Very Promising/ Best Baby


Also some of our puppy's where there:


My Big Dream Némo

2 Very Promising /Baby


My Big Dream Marvelous Mister Mex

1 Excellent / Best Junior/ Junior


My Big Dream Mrs Nelson

1 Excellent/ Junior



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